Phase 2 live Q2 2021....

trade with :

knowledge.. bots.. signals.. strategies.. safely.. together

The CAT.Trade platform....


Training programmes and a community that will take you from a trading amateur to pro. From fundamentals to trade setups. 

Smart Manual Trading

Implement your trading insights or instincts using our simple manual trading interface. Or use our Pro presets

Copy Trading

Pick and choose from proven traders to follow, putting your assets to work with zero to little effort.

Risk Management

Sensible trading advice built into the platform, to protect your profits and maintain healthy growth in your portfolio.

Trade Automation

Automate either your own or established indicators and trading set-ups. Sleep easy with your trades on auto-pilot.

Trade Signals

Receive trading signals that are generated by a host of inputs, compiled by our in-house Master Traders

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The Snapshot.......

The snapshot was completed at 00:00 UTC on the night of February 12th.

Any CATX holdings in ERC20 wallets have been logged, and will be matched with CATX sent from us on February 19th before 00:00.

Why keep hold of your CATX…?

We at CAT.Trade have developed a system that is transforming trading for individuals of all experience and skill levels. We have created a host of tools and fostered a community that will help educate from amateur to pro, and enable all users to access professional proven strategies and bots for successful trading. 

These tools are still in private beta, and will be released to public beta in phases starting Feb 19th, with a few to full live release in Q2 2021. 

On full release, CATX will be the lifeblood of our ecosystem of subscription, rewards and benefits. In short, CATX holders will benefit from the platforms growth and success.

We are offering a short term HODL program, to reward anyone holding their CATX whilst CAT.Trade is entering these final beta stages.

Individuals holding their CATX over the next 3 months will receive access to rewards and tools for the month, if they maintain their CATX balance for 30 days.

These include access to Premium Signals, VIP trading bots, governance votes and 10% of ALL ByBit trading fees generated across the site, being returned to holders on a pro-rata basis – the more CATX you hold, the more of this pot of fees you’ll be able to claim.



Each month over the 3 months of the program, we will allocate 10% of the Bybit fee rebates we receive to a ‘Bounty Pot’.
This will be distributed (monthly) pro-rata to all CATX holders registered to the program.


For example, if there were 3 holders in the program, two holding 20k tokens and one holding 60k tokens..

Total holdings = 100k
Holder 1 (20k) = 20% of Bounty Pot
Holder 2 (20k) = 20% of Bounty Pot
Holder 3 (60k) = 60% of Bounty Pot

The more you hold, the higher percentage you receive.

To save user gas costs during this period of high gas prices, we will operare the HODL program by a simple wallet check. Instead of asking users to send to a locking contract which is currently a costly process, we will ping your ERC20-compatible wallet every day to check that you are maintaining your balance.

(There will be more rewards and accesses announced as we exit the beta phases of and enter the live phase.)

So get involved, start buying, stop selling, nobody move, nobody panic, receive rewards! 



At 00:00 UTC Feb 12th we will perform a snapshot of holdings, and 1 week later at 00:00 UTC Feb 19th the matched amount of CATX will be deposited to your ERC20-compatible wallet. This allows us time to verify wallets and minimise GAS fees.

We are aware of individuals not having enough CATX to transfer out of their exmarkets wallet, as a result of the minimum transaction amount allowed (200 CATX) due to high GAS fees. 

Those with less than 200 tokens have the following options:

– Top up their CATX balance to 200, then withdraw to an ERC20 compatible wallet. Wait until 00:00 on Friday 12th, receive an extra 200 CATX.

– Forego the snapshot, leaving your tokens in exmarkets (to do with as you please). Anyone that does this will be eligible for our Premium Signals package worth $300, for free, as an appreciation that you physically cannot move your tokens. You will simply need to submit your email address to us for verification to be eligible. If this is of interest CLICK HERE to register

NOTE : The requirement for receiving the initial 100 airdrop was to complete the registration form on, and then create an exmarkets account using the same email address. If you believe you have completed both these steps, and have not received your tokens yet, please go here and complete the form.
If we find that you have completed the steps correctly and the error was ours, we will honour the 1 to 1 snapshot when resolved. If this applies to you please complete the FORM HERE